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Our School

The Convent of Carmel of St. Joseph came into existence in 1967. The first committee members were Sr. Agnes, Sr. Yvonne Marie, Sr. Estella, Sr. Inez and Sr. Elfreda. They lived in a rented house near the Church. The foundation stone of the School was laid, but constructing a School building in marshy land was no easy task. it would cost a lot. Hence a premiere show "The Impossible Years" was screened at New Empire theatre to raise funds for the School building. By 1968 the filling of the pond was completed and a little School with just a ground floor stood in its place. This building was a symbol of the School's humble beginning. It had a rough cemented floor and the classrooms were partitioned with irregular tin sheets. There was no compound wall and a barrier fashioned out of a single bamboo stood in place of a gate, resembling an unmanned railway crossing. The School accommodated around 60-70 students per class in the beginning. The difficulties were many and often seemed insurmountable. But trust and faith in God brought the Sisters success.


 The year 1970 saw the completion of part of the School which was a one-storied building with beautiful bougainvillea creeping over it and trees all around it. The first batch of students appeared for the board exam in 1973 and secured 100% results.


In 1992 Carmel of St. Joseph School celebrated its Silver Jubilee with a variety of dances involving almost all the students of the School.


As the number of students increased every year it was obvious that more classrooms were needed. In the year 2001, Sr. Shalom, the Principal took the initiative to construct 3 more floors with a spacious auditorium.


Carmel of St. Joseph School is the pride of Malad with its spacious classrooms, corridors, auditorium and a big playground. The School also excels in hockey, football, band, dance, karate and music.


The following Sisters were the Principals :


Sr. Yvonne Marie        :    1967-70

Sr. Marion                   :    1970-74

Sr. Avila                      :     1974-76

Sr. Rosenda                :    1976-77

Sr. Paulette                 :    1977-79

Sr. Jovita                     :    1979-80

Sr. Andrine                  :    1980-82

Sr. Simplicia                :    1982-89

Sr. Andrine                  :    1989-93

Sr. Therese                  :    1993-99

Sr. Agnesita                 :    1999-2001

Sr. Shalom                   :     2001-11

Sr. Jose Lynette           :     2011-12

Sr. Dorette                    :    2012 - 19

Sr. Zarina                     :     2019


Principal’s Welcome

Dear Parents, Teachers, Students and Alumni,

“Education is a controlling grace to the young, consolation to the old, wealth to the poor, and ornament to the rich.” Diogenes

“Real education will not teach you to compete, it will teach you to cooperate. It will not teach you to fight and come first. It will teach you to be creative, to be loving, blissful, without any comparison with the other. It will not teach you that you can be happy only when you are the first” Osho.

Education gives us an understanding of the world around us and offers us an opportunity to use that knowledge wisely. To gain respect from the society and to lead a happy and prosperous life, one should be educated. It is the platform that makes it possible to defeat all the barriers.

Every enlightened person today is convinced that the need of the hour is a value-based education. Besides academic excellence, Carmel of St. Joseph School aims at providing a value based and wholesome quality education to prepare its students for the world of tomorrow.

Success only comes when our dreams get bigger than our excuses. So, let us dream and continue to sow the seeds of noble thoughts and high ideals in the hearts and minds of our children so that they develop beautiful qualities of heart and mind. Carmel of St. Joseph School will continue its endeavor towards providing holistic and quality education by infusing each and every student with a zeal to be passionate about learning as well as to be engaged and inspired.

It is a privilege for me to work with our students, staff and Parents to make our school the very best it can be. I owe an immense debt of gratitude to our team of committed and devoted sisters and teachers who have been constantly motivating our students to do their best at academics and extracurricular activities. I also extend my thanks to the Parents who as members of our school family have been extending us their generous support and co-operation. I would like to extend my best wishes to all our Students, Staff, Parents and Alumni.


May God Bless us.

Sr. Zarina





 The Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa, animated and guided by the spirit of Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima, aim at integral formation and liberation of the human person. They strive to actively participate in the redemptive and reconciling work of Christ and communion with the whole of creation through the educational apostolate.

  • A preferential love for the poor and less privileged.

  • A process of humanization in the context of today’s brokenness.

  • Believing in, and respecting the dignity of the poorest, and working to promote freedom from all types of oppression.

  • The conviction that God loves all, without distinction of caste, religion or social status.

  • Motivating our students to build a better world, and like our Foundress, work for the promotion of the “kingdom through abnegation, hard work and trust in God”.


 To promote the integral growth of each person in her/his uniqueness in order to enable the members of the school community to collaborate with others in assuming responsibility for today’s reality, thereby building a civilization of love(Kingdom).



 To foster integral growth of each person we will:


ENABLE          every person to become an agent for the promotion of justice, peace, harmony and live in communion in a pluralistic society.

EMPOWER        our students to make valid positive contributions to family, society and country.

Meet the Team

Teachers and staff are the backbone of any school. Their dedication and hard work are what make a school successful. We appreciate all that they do for our students and community.

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