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Arnavi Gowale


Mahek Pushkarna


Kyra Shukla


Anita Chondagar

Inter School Competitions held by the Education Department of the P/N Ward 2022-23

“ Winning isn’t getting ahead of others; it is getting ahead of yourself.”

We are grateful and proud of our students and teachers who went the extra mile to make themselves and Carmel of St. Joseph shine. Carlos Slim says “ Competition always makes you better, always, even if the competitor wins.” Our message to you at the close of this year our dear girls is “ A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms. “ Continue to bloom our dear buds in the ‘Garden of St. Joseph.’

Winners of the Inter school competitions held by the Education department during the year 2022-23

Std I - Kyra Shukla  the 3rd prize in Soliloquing (Elocution)16th November

Std II  - Arnavi Gowale  1st consolation for Raiment (Fancy dress)  26th November 2022

Std IV - Mahek Pushkarna 3rd consolation for Speech Weaver (Elocution) 17th December 2022
Std I to IV - Heritage (Group Folk dance) 21st January 2023 1st prize

 Harley Pamu - IV B 

 Gargi Shinde - IV B

 Sanvi Kotkar - IV B 

Veera Khandekar - IV 

 Candice D'costa - III C 

Anaiah Rodrigues - III C

Alisha Fernandes - III B 

Swara Waghade - II A

Yadavi Sanchaniya - IV A 

Non Teaching staff – Ms. Anita 3rd prize for Camouflage (gift wrapping) 3rd December2022.


Stay blessed and keep bettering yourself for a better tomorrow.

Republic Day

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Cultural Dance Competition

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“Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing , but of reflection. ”

Right from the get go of the celebration to the finish the theme of rejoicing and reflection was experienced – in the prayers, enactment of the Christmas Story, Christmas carols and the merriment and fellowship. The most touching point was when the children were so deep in prayer and continued to sing the hymn ‘My Gift To You” even after the track ended. They carry the message of Christmas engraved in the hearts and minds to follow for a lifetime – Love and reach out to others especially the less fortunate.