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Pariksha Pe Charcha 2024

Pariksha Pe Charcha is the larger movement  'Exam Warriors' - led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to create a stress free atmosphere for youngsters. It is a movement to bring together Teachers , parents,  students and society to foster an environment where the unique individuality of each child is celebrated and allowed to express itself fully. Ms Grace Chetty and Ms Chaitra from Std 8 B  received a letter of appreciation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for their vibrant and enthusiastic spirit.

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Olympiad Exam;
International English Olympaid exam : Number of students participated were 64.
We have 9 Gold Medalists who have put our school on a higher pedestal by their success. They have achieved the Gold Medal of Excellence.

We have two students, Mahi Joshi from 8B and Abigail Azavedo from 6B who appeared for the Second level on 11th February at Orchids International school and results are awaiting.

National Science Olympiad exam :
Out of 31 students participated, we have 5 Gold Medalists. They have bagged the Gold Medal of Excellence

International GK Olympiad exam results :
Students, who have appeared for G.K Olmpyaid were 17.

International Mathematics Olympiad Exam:

The number of students appeared were 114 and 14 students received the Gold Medal of Excellence award.
National Cyber Olympiad ( Computer)
Number of students appeared: 22
Our students  hardwork and dedication has made our school shine and bask in glory.

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Success for VIIB and VIIIA Students in Women's Day Half Marathon

On February 25th, 2024, the Get Fit Thru Sports Foundation organized the Women's Day 10km Half Marathon at Raymond Realty, Juhu. Among the participants were Purnima Pawar from VIIB and Kanishka Pawar from VIIIA, both of whom clinched the Silver medal in the event. Their remarkable achievement highlights the dedication and athletic prowess of students at the school. Congratulations to Purnima and Kanishka for their outstanding performance.

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"On February 24th, 2024, during the Greenline Schools Campaign, Manaswini from Std 8 was awarded the Greener Student Award. Binnavi Shetty, Ms. Nayara, and Ms. Odry also participated in the event."

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The All India Drawing Competition hosted by Sanskriti Arts on 15th January 2024 attracted a diverse range of participants, each showcasing their unique creativity through their artwork. Among the talented participants, Rozan Chettiar of std VII A emerged as a standout artist, winning the prestigious Creative Entry Award. Rozan's artwork captivated the judges with its originality, artistic vision, and technical proficiency. As a recognition of her outstanding achievement, Rozan was presented with a certificate and a medal during the award ceremony.

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Purva Sachin Loke participated in the 7th State Level Karate Championship and secured the 1st place.

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The U-16 girls won the1st place in the SS5 (Savio Super 5's) Rink Hockey Tournament!!

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The U-10 girls won the silver medal in the SS5 (Savio Super 5's) Rink Hockey Tournament!!

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The U/16 football team won all three matches which were played against Bombay Cambridge, Janki Devi Public School and Universal school. The U/16 team is in the top 8 out of 38 Schools in MSSA.

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St George School Malad East organized a inter school carol singing competition on 10th December 2023. Our girls won the 1st prize and a cash award of Rs.30,000/-

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A choir of 10 students (mostly from stds 9th and 10th participated in the Carol singing Competition organised by Society of St. Paul, Bandra. They  qualified for the final round. Out of 17 groups which  participated, they qualified in the students category.

They further participated in the finals and sang melodiously and in harmony and won the 1st place in the  student's category.

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Winners of Spell Bee (District Level)


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Participants of SOF English Olympiad (Level II) awarded certificate of merit.

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Participants of SOF English Olympiad (Level II) awarded certificate of merit.

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Divjot Kaur of Std 9 won Silver medal in Kumite and Gold medal in Kata U- 15 category.
Sukhmeet Kaur of Std 6 won Bronze in Kata   U-11 category.
It was indeed a proud moment as both these Carmelites participated in Asian Shito‐Ryu Sports Karate‐ Do Associations National Open Karate Championship held at Dahisar Sports Foundation.

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Ruju Apurva Shah, who just passed class 10, participated in the online Indian Business Personalities Quiz conducted by Mindwars and achieved the 7th rank on national level. In the quiz competition, 20 multiple choice questions were asked and the quiz was to be solved within 10 minutes.

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got the 3rd prize in the

Dhai Akhar

National Letter Writing Competition on the theme "Vision for India 2047" conducted by Department of Posts, Ministry of Communications, Government of India.

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Ditya  Hamlai

 Ditya Hamlai of VB secured 2nd place in 200m Swimming individual medley U/ 11 and 3rd place in Back stroke and Free style swimming at the 43rd Prabodhan kridamahotsav 2023 at Goregaon.

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 Bansri Shroff
of XB participated in the Maharashtra State Olympic games and won 2 bronze medals in Skating.

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Priyanshi Davda of class 6B participated in the karate competition organised by Gujarat Martial arts and self defence academy on 31 St December and won 2nd place in the under 14 girls group

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Nishi Patel (10 B) & Shreya Patel (8C)

participated in the Mumbai Schools Sports Association (MSSA) Boxing tournament and won Gold on 14 December 2022.

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Ruju Shah & Hiya Jain

from std X bagged the Third place in the P ward Quiz competition after getting selected as one of the best four teams out of 28 Schools.

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Carmel of St Joseph U16 Girls DSO Mumbai District Runners Up

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On 10th December St. George School Malad East organised the Inter school Carol singing competition, our girls participated and secured 6th position.

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Ditya Hamlai stood 1st in Freestyle, Breaststroke & 2nd in Individual Medley in Swimming at Global Bhatia Sports Event.

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Sana D'souza

from Std XC was  part of the Mumbai Table-Tennis team which  participated in the State championship tournament and won Gold.

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Bansri Shroff

of XB  bagged  2 gold and 2 silver medals in the 32nd Maharashtra Roller skating championship.

Hockey Champions

Carmel under-16 and under-14 teams won the DSO Mumbai Suburban inter-school hockey tournament held on 3rd December.

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Hockey Champions

Carmel under-16 and under-14 teams won the MSSA inter-school hockey tournament on 29th November.

Keisha Rego (U-16) was awarded player of the tournament

Gloria George (U-14) was awarded player of the tournament.

Manushree Darji (U-14)was awarded goalkeeper of the tournament.

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Ayushi Jayprakash Yadav

Ayushi Yadav - 10A participated in the boxing tournament organised by the Uttar Mumbai krida mahotsav at Poinsur Gymkhana on 26th November and bagged the silver medal.

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Ayushi Jayprakash Yadav

Ayushi Jayprakash Yadav - XA participated in the 18th junior girl' s  Maharashtra State Boxing Championship 2022 at JSE education complex  Jogeshwari east on 7th October to 10 th October in the weight category 63 - 66 kg and won the Bronze medal.

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Ditya Hamlai

Ditya Hamlai - VA participated in the Uttar Mumbai Krida Mahotsav at Poinsur Gymkhana on 19th November 2022 and won the Gold medal in Swimming.

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Airah Talukdar

of XA won the gold medal in U/ 16 & silver medal in U/19 age group at 6th Asia Cup karate Championship 2022 held in Goregaon E on 25th September 2022.

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Nishi Patel

of X B participated in the One day boxing tournament held in Mira Bhayandar and  won the gold medal in 50 - 52 kg weight category on 25th September 2022.

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Sana D'souza

participated in the Second District Tournament held in Mumbai at the PTKS Club.

Held from 8th to 11th August 2022



​Under 17 Runner's up
Under 19 Runner's up
Women's Quarter Finalist

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Sana D'souza

won the (Silver Medal) in the MSSA Table Tennis tournament

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